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   Q4 2013
“Achieving Rapid Innovation Prototyping
Through Empathy”

A workshop presented by international creativity expert

Yoel Kluk

Yoel Kluk

Casa de Luz: Center for Integral Studies
1701 Toomey Road, Austin, Texas

Evening before: special gourmet dinner prepared by
Traditional French Trained Culinary Chef Roger Chan
Meet and greet Yoel Kluk at this event!
(location and other details announced upon registration)

Workshop Description and Objectives:

Move beyond theory and dive into the experience and practice of innovation through empathy and rapid prototyping. Participants will learn the principles of rapid prototyping and tools for gaining empathy with users / clients and immediately put them to use in a series of hands-on exercises. Using Design Thinking as a framework, participants will discover innovation challenges with an understanding of the key tenets of design thinking and a sense for ways they can incorporate them into their work.
Participants will have to learn how to gain empathy, by immersion, observation and engagement. They will actually interact with outside users, go to the street and discover a need among the users. This process is important because we will focus on what is different among the users instead of what is similar among them. Our goal will be to discover a need the user himself has not seen, “to develop the art of grasping the hidden nature of things”.
After honing their empathic capabilities, participants unpack the data and interpret it in order to translate it into a powerful problem statement, because prototypes are the questions and not the answers. Next ideas are generated and transform them into solutions. The workshop concludes with the building of prototypes and testing them in order to iterate.  Key learning objectives: At the end of this program you will be able to …

  • · Engage users to gain valuable insights
  • · Synthesize findings into a compelling problem statement
  • · Rapidly test concepts with end users to gain insights about user needs
About the presenter:  As a facilitator and Director of Global Consulting Services at Grupo-Piensa, Yoel Kluk helps organizations turn change and crisis into creative, innovative opportunities. Yoel has facilitated innovation projects and opened clients up to creative thinking around the world, having helped companies such as Coca Cola Co., Whirlpool, La Poste, and the Mexican government. He has worked as a designer, professor,  
and speaker, and has a lengthy list of degrees and certifications in innovation, design thinking, and marketing.

Workshop cost:

Members: $10 ($15 at door); non-members $25 ($30 at door)
 (lunch on your own in the beautiful Macrobiotic cafe, or one of the many eateries in walking distance)

 Friday night Gourmet Meal with Chef Roger:  Members: $10

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Q1 2013

Part 1 Spiral Dynamics in Action: Applications of the Seventh Code
March 9 (9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) 
at Bronze Doors Academy Auditorium

Spiral Dynamics reveals the hidden codes that shape human nature, create global diversity, drive evolutionary change, and seek to replace discord with understanding. Join renowned global change agent Dr. Don E. Beck along with Elza Maalouf and Said E. Dawlabani for an informative and lively discussion of the issues that face the world today. Learn how the emerging science of value systems is being applied in resolving the most divisive issues facing humanity. This weekend is designed for both new participants as well as SDi veterans who want to be updated on the theory’s latest applications at home and around the globe. 


Part 2 - Voice & Exit: Innovating for a Non-Coercive World
March 9 (7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.) at Ballet Austin (6-7 p.m. Happy Hour w/ Speakers)

A new stage of social evolution is upon us. Innovative social technologies will push us away from coercive institutions, toward more collaborative communities. We want to shine a spotlight on a handful of visionaries leading the way. The SDi/PTC group will join others for an evening of captivating talks from some of the most illustrious thinkers in social entrepreneurship and radical community. Twelve great speakers will take the stage in a live (filmed) TED-like event that will make waves. 


Part 3 Matrix of Peace: Integrating Consciousness, Commerce & Law
March 10 (9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) 
at Bronze Doors Academy Auditorium


Peace Through Commerce (“PTC”) is a nonprofit committed to creating a world in which all people enjoy peace and prosperity. PTC fosters peace and prosperity through teaching about the Matrix of Peace™. The Matrix of Peace shows peace results when a robust marketplace, laws and structure, and consciousness intersect. Michael Strong and Phyllis Blees of PTC will join Dr. Beck to explore the Matrix of Peace, “Peace by Design,” MeshWorks Solutions, and more.


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               Produced by Peace Through Commerce, Inc., in collaboration with

                The Center for Human Emergence and Voice & Exit. © Copyright 2013

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